MHCT Halal Certification Details

Halal certification offers a competitive advantage in the market and helps to build trust and confidence in products among customers. It not only satisfies religious requirements, but also ensures strict hygiene practices. For this reason, Halal certification is beneficial to all consumers.

We are pleased to offer Halal consultation, certification, and training to airlines caterers and suppliers worldwide. Our team also closely monitors kitchen production facilities, procedures, storage, transportation, product ingredients, and processed food, particularly meat and poultry items and their derivatives.

Halal Certificate and Logo

The validity period of the certificate is for one (01) year. Renewal application must be forwarded not later than two (02) months before the expiry date.

Halal Conformity

MHCT will carry out Halal conformity through constant monitoring either be a surprise visit / inspection or verbal communication with the companies involved.

Upon discovery during the post certification period, any changes made by the caterer without prior approval from us will result in the certificate being suspended or revoked. These changes may be minor or major.

Minor: Involving hygiene and cleanliness (e.g., staff personal hygiene & etc.)

Major: Involving the change of ingredients, suppliers, machinery and relocation of production plant.

Serious: Involving the use of Non-Halal (Haram) ingredient in the production (e.g., pork or its derivative & animals not slaughtered according to Islamic law). Serious and Major failure will cause the certificate to be revoked.

The above-mentioned failures will render the certificate to be suspended and subjected to the remedial and corrective actions by the application.


The total time of issuing the Halal certification is within one (1) month. This includes the application, process, inspection, report writing, committee meeting and the issuing of the Halal certification. However, the duration may vary depending on the payment confirmation and all corrective action been rectified if required and necessary by the client.

Fees & Payment

Fees for Consultation, Training, Monitoring and Certification differs from one region to another. The breakdown of region are as follows:

  • ASEAN Region
  • China, Korea & Japan Region
  • Middle East, North & South Asian Region
  • U.K., Europe, Australia/New Zealand & Americas Region

Full payment of the certification fees has to be made before the on-site inspection through TT / Bank Transfer.

For the detailed fees for your region, please contact us to get the quote.

Our Halal Application Process

Caterers and service providers can apply through the application form available from MHCT Marketing unit in Malaysia or our representative around the world or click the link located at the bottom of this page.

Below are the steps to obtain a Halal Certification from us.

Step 1

Document Evaluation

The evaluation of application forms and supporting documents. This includes a detailed analysis of the company’s profile and registration, the local authority’s license, halal products or ingredients’ manufacturer or supplier details, packaging materials, manufacturing process and procedures and halal certification of suppliers and slaughterhouse from the respective Islamic Authority or Department.

Step 2


Inspection and physical site visit of the premises which has to be in accordance with those declared in the application forms and supporting documents.

Step 3


Discussion with the senior personnel responsible for the halal compliance to confirm the observation findings and the necessary recommendation are duly endorsed as correct by the parties concerned.

Step 4

Report Preparation

Full report on the status of the application will be prepared by the respective halal auditor/inspector.

Step 5


Report evaluation and recommendation process by the Halal Commitee.

Step 6

Issuing Of Certificate

Once the caterer has been certified, permission is granted to display the certification logo in the premises. This is a valuable assurance that the premises are Halal and Hygiene certified and meeting the highest quality of Halal accreditation.

MHCT Halal Application