What We Do

Our Services

We will maintain, develop and continue to provide effective and efficient services, latest information, facts and standards, established strategic alliances and development of best practices in assuring Halal, Hygiene and Safety compliance across the entire supply chain of the food industry for the benefit of both business and public (Muslim Ummah).

Halal Certification

We offer complete support for Halal certification, including pre-audits, identifying issues, rectification, corrective action reports, and follow-up. Our specialty is Global Airline Catering Halal Certification, ensuring top Halal compliance in the airline catering industry.

Halal Awareness Training

For internal organisation development, which covers the enhancement of knowledge, expertise and technology to meet the current demands.

Halal Assurance System Development

Where we share and consult other organizations globally, who are intended to be a qualified certification body.

Halal Process Flow and Business Improvement

As MHCT continues to establish relationships with various international organizations and Halal certification bodies our local industry players should be able to extend or market their products or services through this initiative.