MHCT’s Halal Journey in the Philippine Food Industry

MHCT recently organized a Halal & HACCP Certification Program to enhance food safety and uphold quality standards within the Philippine food industry. We’re eager to share our contributions toward enhancing standards and awareness.

Our program began with a targeted initiative at Carmen’s Best Ice Cream, operated by Laguna Creamery Inc. We delivered essential Halal Awareness Training and conducted a comprehensive Compliance Audit. The successful outcomes and the acquisition of the Halal and Hygiene Compliance certificate underscore our commitment to promoting Halal standards and educational endeavors, setting a precedent for the continuous enhancement of food safety and Halal practices.

A significant part of our initiative was our detailed engagement with Manila Catering Corporation (MCC). Through thorough Halal Compliance Audits and Halal Awareness Training, we reinforced their commitment to maintaining Halal certification and adhering to food safety standards.

This effort reflects our ongoing commitment to promoting high standards in Halal compliance and education, akin to our previous initiatives with MacroAsia Corporation’s units. We are dedicated to meeting diverse dietary needs and maintaining the highest Halal standards.

At MHCT, our goal is to assist organizations worldwide in improving their Halal compliance. This dedication exemplifies our commitment to meeting varied dietary needs and upholding the highest Halal standards. For more details on how we can assist your organization, please visit the MHCT Agency’s Blog. Together, we aim to continue safeguarding and enhancing Halal integrity for consumers worldwide.