Successful Halal Certification For CPCS

MHCT Agency, a leading name in global airline catering Halal Compliance is excited to announce the successful renewal of Halal certification for China Pacific Catering Services Ltd. (CPCS) in Taiwan, a top player in airline catering. From March 25th to 27th, 2024, MHCT spearheaded a comprehensive audit and training program to reinforce Halal standards and awareness at CPCS, reflecting our unwavering commitment to Halal excellence in the airline catering industry.

Comprehensive Halal Awareness Training and Kitchen Audit

The initiative began with an engaging Halal Awareness Training for CPCS staff, emphasizing the importance of Halal principles and practices. The training aimed to foster a culture of respect and integrity towards Halal guidelines, highlighting MHCT’s role in enhancing Halal compliance beyond mere adherence to standards.

Following the training, a detailed audit of the CPCS kitchen facilities was conducted. The audit focused on cleanliness, detail, and adherence to Halal and hygiene standards, underscoring CPCS’s dedication to maintaining exceptional standards in airline catering.

Extending Compliance Beyond the Kitchen

The second day of the program featured a visit to Kai Shing Food Corp. in Yunlin, a key supplier to CPCS, to audit their Halal slaughtering processes. This visit was part of MHCT’s commitment to ensuring integrity and compliance throughout the entire supply chain, confirming that all aspects of food preparation meet the rigorous Halal and hygiene requirements.

Celebration and Recognition of Excellence

The program concluded with a Halal Certification Award Ceremony on the third day, celebrating over a decade of Halal operations by CPCS in Taiwan. Achieving an impressive score of 96% in the overall audit for Halal and Hygiene Compliance Certification showcases CPCS’s commitment to quality and compliance, setting a benchmark in the airline catering industry.

A Reflection on Shared Achievements

MHCT takes pride in the accomplishments made in partnership with CPCS in Taiwan, a testament to the importance of exceeding Halal and hygiene standards in airline catering. Our dedication to providing comprehensive halal certification and halal awareness training ensures that our clients lead the way in Halal catering, embodying a culture of excellence and respect for Halal principles.

This collaboration between MHCT and CPCS exemplifies our mission to elevate standards in the airline catering industry and beyond. It reaffirms our promise to our partners and clients that together, we can achieve excellence and ensure that Halal compliance is a mark of quality and integrity.

Stay tuned to MHCT Agency’s blog for more updates on our projects and initiatives, as we continue to set benchmarks for Halal certification and compliance across industries.