MHCT & AASC: Celebrating Continued Halal Partnership

MHCT Agency’s Pioneering Visit to AAS Catering Co. Ltd. in Osaka: Elevating Halal Standards

MHCT Agency are thrilled to share our recent milestone – a highly successful Halal audit and certification renewal for our esteemed client, AAS Catering Co. Ltd. (AASC), at their kitchen unit in Kansai International Airport, Osaka, Japan.

Our team embarked on this mission with a clear agenda – to conduct a thorough audit at the AASC kitchen, ensuring adherence to the highest Halal and hygiene standards. Over the course of two days, our team meticulously examined every aspect of the kitchen’s operations, from food preparation to cleanliness, guaranteeing that each element met our rigorous criteria for Halal compliance.

Empowering Through Knowledge

True to our commitment to education and empowerment, we conducted comprehensive training sessions for the AASC team. These sessions were meticulously designed to ensure that every staff member not only understands the essence of Halal compliance but also embodies it in their day-to-day operations.

It’s with immense pride that we commend AAS Catering Co. Ltd. for their unwavering dedication to maintaining the highest standards of Halal compliance. Their enthusiasm and commitment to excellence were evident in every step of this audit.

Looking Forward to Future Collaborations

This recent visit to Osaka is another milestone in our longstanding partnership with AASC. We’re proud of the years of collaboration that have led us to this point and are excited about the future. Together, we’ll continue to innovate and uphold the highest standards in Halal catering, building on our shared history of excellence.

Well done, AASC! Here’s to continuing our journey towards excellence in Halal catering services.