MHCT and MacroAsia: Elevating Philippines Halal Standards

The Malaysian Halal Consultation and Training (MHCT) Agency has once again demonstrated its expertise in Halal Certification in the Philippines. In a focused week-long initiative, MHCT successfully renewed Halal Certifications and conducted comprehensive Halal Awareness Training for three of MacroAsia Corporation’s key commissaries in Philippines. This endeavor underscores MHCT’s commitment to maintaining high standards in Halal compliance and education.

The companies benefiting from MHCT’s proficiency include MacroAsia SATS Inflight Service (MSIS), MacroAsia Catering Services (MACS), and MacroAsia SATS Food Industries Corporation (MSFI). Each entity underwent a detailed audit and staff training, ensuring continued adherence to the stringent requirements of Halal Certification Standard.

This achievement not only highlights MHCT’s role in promoting Halal standards but also reflects the ongoing commitment of MacroAsia Corporation’s units to meet the diverse dietary needs of their clients. MHCT’s role in facilitating this process is pivotal, providing essential training and certification services that help businesses seamlessly integrate Halal practices into their operations.