MHCT Applauds HACOR’s Halal Success in Airline Catering

MHCT Agency is delighted to extend our heartfelt congratulations to HACOR Inc., Los Angeles, USA, on their exceptional achievement in the recent Halal & Hygiene Audit. This outstanding result underscores HACOR Inc.’s unwavering dedication to upholding the most rigorous Halal standards within the airline catering industry.

At MHCT, we remain steadfast in our commitment to supporting the evolving needs of the aviation industry, with a particular focus on ensuring seamless Halal compliance. Muslim passengers have the right to feel confident that their inflight meals are prepared in strict accordance with Islamic dietary guidelines. HACOR Inc.’s exemplary performance in the audit is a direct reflection of their commitment to staff training in Halal awareness and meticulous implementation of hygiene protocols, guaranteeing that every meal served meets the most stringent requirements.

This well-deserved recognition serves as a powerful testament to the exceptional work ethic and unwavering dedication to quality that HACOR Inc. consistently demonstrates across all aspects of their operations. Their unwavering commitment to Halal compliance and hygiene practices not only fosters peace of mind for Muslim passengers but also elevates the overall dining experience for all travelers.

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