Sustaining Standards: The Perpetuated Halal Collaboration of MHCT & ANAC

At the forefront of halal certification and training, MHCT Agency continues to uphold the highest standards in the halal industry worldwide. Our ongoing collaboration with ANA Catering Service Co., Ltd. (ANAC) at their Narita and Kawasaki facilities is a testament to our enduring commitment to excellence. As longstanding partners, this recent engagement marks yet another milestone in our continued relationship, rather than the beginning of a new venture.

During our latest visit, our seasoned experts carried out comprehensive evaluations of the facilities at the Narita Head Office and Haneda branch. The objective was to ensure that each location remains well-equipped and operates correctly, adhering to the halal food service industry’s standard operating procedures (SOPs). Such diligence is crucial for maintaining the integrity of halal meals, from their preparation to their presentation.

Building on our solid foundation, we provided Halal Awareness training to 35 ANAC employees from both the Narita and Haneda offices. This refresher training is part of our commitment to enhancing their skills and knowledge in handling halal meals, ensuring that every dish served continues to meet the strict halal standards. The sessions covered a range of topics, from the principles of Halal to the practicalities of maintaining Halal compliance in a dynamic catering environment.

Highlighting our ongoing partnership, we conducted a two-day Halal & Hygiene Compliance Audit on January 18th and 19th, 2024. This audit was a thorough assessment of the catering operations against our stringent Halal and hygiene criteria. We are pleased to announce that the audit was successfully concluded, reinforcing our mutual dedication to halal excellence.

The enduring partnership between MHCT and ANAC underscores the global importance of Halal certification and our shared commitment to excellence in the Halal food service industry. We commend ANAC for their ongoing proactive approach and dedication to ensuring that their services continue to meet the highest Halal and hygiene standards.

At MHCT, we remain dedicated to excellence in Halal consultancy and training, supporting organizations worldwide in their mission to serve the global Muslim community better. We cherish our longstanding relationship with ANAC and look forward to continuing our partnership, as we work together to ensure the integrity and quality of Halal products and services across the globe.

For more information on our services and how we can assist your organization in maintaining and enhancing Halal compliance, visit our website at MHCT Agency. Together, let’s maintain the Halal integrity of your products and services for the benefit of consumers worldwide.