MHCT Successful Halal Training and Compliance Audit at SATS TFK

MHCT Agency: Upholding the Standards of Halal Quality

This past week, MHCT Agency actively took steps to ensure high-quality, safe, and Halal-certified meals on flights. Our team vigorously ensured that the SATS TFK Japan kitchen facilities followed strict Halal rules. These kitchens cater to Inflight Food Company (IFC) at both Narita Head Office and Haneda branch, and the Narita Airport Terminal-2 Halal restaurant “La Torque.”

A Week of Intensive Halal Training

Our mission involved two critical components: imparting vital knowledge and performing thorough audits. We engaged fifty-one SATS TFK staff members from Narita & Haneda in immersive Halal training. This training sharpened their Halal meal preparation skills and deepened their understanding of diverse cultures, all based on the MS1500-2019 Halal standard.

Three Days of Rigorous Auditing

Following the training, our team conducted a detailed three-day audit, focusing on Halal compliance and hygiene. We meticulously checked every aspect to align with the MS1500-2019 Halal standards and regulations. The successful completion of this audit marks a major milestone in our commitment to Halal excellence.

Mission Accomplished: A Testament to Dedication and Quality

The successful completion of this week-long program is a testament to the dedication and hard work of everyone involved. It’s not just about compliance; it’s about respecting and understanding the cultural and religious significance of Halal food preparation. At MHCT Agency, we believe in the importance of providing meals that are not only safe and of high quality but also respectful of Halal practices.

Looking Ahead: A Continued Commitment to Halal Excellence

MHCT Agency is committed to continuously meeting and surpassing Halal standards. We acknowledge and appreciate the dedication to quality shown by all SATS TFK employees. Together, we’re raising the bar in the Halal food industry, ensuring each meal served reflects our unwavering dedication to excellence.

“الحمد لله على كل حال” – In every situation, we give thanks.

For more updates on our Halal initiatives and projects, stay tuned to MHCT Agency’s website.